Do you like strawberries and buy them constantly? Do not make these mistakes when buying them.

Strawberries are the ones that take the lead in the most delicious fruits. They are not only attractive because of their appearance, they have a very low number of calories, they have vitamins and antioxidants, they are light and easily digestible, and they are highly recommended to include daily in the diet since they are rich in vitamin C.

Strawberries are high-value fruits due to their versatility, they are ideal for multiple recipes, their freshness and flavor highlight each preparation. They are the only fruits that have the seeds outside, their heart shape, their intense red and their sweetness, make them a symbol of gastronomy.

So when it comes to marketing, these fruits are one of the main options when it comes to the guild, but when buying them, most people do not take into account certain details that may be affecting the way they are enjoyed, since nobody would like them. savor a bland, spoiled strawberry. So that this does not happen to you, you should know which ones to buy and which ones not, keeping in mind not to make these mistakes when choosing them:

Confused between strawberry, strawberry and wild strawberry:

Hybrids and mutations have emerged over time, so sometimes there is confusion when buying them. According to experts, what we buy the most in the market is the strawberry, you distinguish it because it is very large and has brown or golden seeds, and sometimes wild strawberries are also the ones we buy, these are bittersweet, small and generally do not last. a lot, they should sell fast.

So you must take this into account when buying them so that you identify what type is available and choose it accordingly.

Carrying them by size defines the quality of the strawberry, is it true?:

This would be one of the wrong thoughts when choosing the strawberry, because the largest ones, the strawberries, are the ones that lack sweetness, they are simpler.

Choose strawberries that are green or better shaped:

Choosing ideal strawberries at first glance is not easy, but choosing those that have these characteristics and looking for the perfect strawberry on a visual level does not mean that it will come out of good quality, good flavor and texture.

If it is green, it means that it still needs maturation, they are not as good in flavor.

When its white part is not so visible, its red color is more intense and bright and it has an aroma, that is when they are at the optimum point of maturation.

Do not choose the next strawberries:

If when buying you choose the ones that are higher or closer to you, you have more chances that they are at the optimum point of maturation, they are much better in their sweetness.

Taking a long time to eat strawberries:

As they have a fragile structure, it is important that you know that if you love them, it would be best to buy them regularly and not all at once because once one of them is in poor condition, the others will quickly do the same.

Do not freeze them:

This is not in favor of keeping them because it will make them not very fresh, but it would be a good option if you are going to make smoothies.

When you clean them, do not leave them with residual water:

After you wash them, it is essential that you put them on or clean them with absorbent paper, because the humidity softens them.

Now you know, and you are ready to choose them correctly and enjoy their flavor and texture much more.

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