Spice up a special date with this strawberry cheeskake!

In the world of desserts, there are multiple flavors, but surely the strawberry cheeskake will be the most delicious, it is an ideal dessert with which you can take the opportunity to surprise everyone with the potential flavor of the strawberry, and give this presentation another style of taste.

It will be the perfect option if you want to accompany special moments with the people you love with new, sweet and creamy flavours.

So get to work! Let’s prepare it:

You need these ingredients:
-40 ground Maria cookies.
-2 tablespoons of sugar (omit in case of using pure pak boxes)
-135 grams of melted butter.
-1/2 cup of natural yogurt.
-1 can of condensed milk.
-2 packages of cream cheese.
-2 boxes of pure pak strawberries or 400 grams of defrosted IQF strawberries.
-1 tablespoon of gelatin hydrated and melted in a water bath.
-Strawberries cut into pieces to decorate.

When you already have all your ingredients, read this recipe so you can see the step by step, you will see how easy it is:

For the crust: mix the cookies, sugar and butter and integrate them perfectly, place this mixture in a dessert mold, reserve.
For the filling: blend the condensed milk with the cream cheese, the natural yogurt and the strawberries, add the gelatin little by little until it is completely integrated.

Last: Pour over the cookie base and refrigerate for about an hour.
Decorate with the strawberry pieces and enjoy.
And when it’s done, take the first bite and tell us, how was the taste? Is it true that it is delicious?

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