Mango ceviche perfect for hot weather

Mango is a fruit that is usually sold during the hot season, which is why there are many recipes that include this fruit and are perfect to be enjoyed in this climate. Today we will make mango ceviche.

-1 IQF handle bag
-1 purple onion
-3 Lemons
-1 cup of orange juice
-1 handful of coriander
-1 finely chopped seeded jalapeño or hot sauce
-1 pinch of salt
-1 cup of skinless shrimp


  1. Dice the mangoes and the onion and put them in a bowl
  2. Add the lemons, the cup of orange juice, the shrimp, the pinch of salt, the jalapeños or hot sauce, and the handful of cilantro.
  3. Mix well and adjust flavor if necessary
  4. Serve with corn toast and avocado to taste.

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