Easy and delicious mango carlotta

This weekend is the perfect excuse to prepare this delicious recipe: Mango Carlota.

It is a cold dessert that you can prepare in just a few minutes, the most difficult part will be waiting for it to cool down to be able to enjoy it.

-1 package of Maria biscuits
-500 gr of half cream.
-Juice of 5 lemons

-2 boxes of pure pak mangoes or a bag of IQF Duero mangoes.
If you use the IQF you can add 1 can of condensed milk or the sweetener of your choice.

-First defrost our pure pak box or add the IQF mango and squeeze the lemons.
-Then mix well the condensed milk (if applicable), the half cream and the lemon juice.
-Immediately place a layer of biscuit in a refractory, then the mixture of milk and a little chopped mango.
-Repeat successively until full. Finally, put in the refrigerator for two or three hours.

If you like, you can try it with any of our pure pak presentations.

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