Discover a different way to enjoy mango with this mango mousse

Discover a different way to enjoy mango with a mousse that, in addition to having a unique texture, is very refreshing.

Mango Mousse

-A cup of Duero mango purepak or IQF.

-A cup of natural yogurt.
-250ml of whole or skimmed milk.
-3 tablespoons of sugar (omit if using purepak).
-Sheets of gelatin for cooking.

-Heat the milk in a pot, remove it minutes before it boils.
-Add a sheet of gelatin and stir until completely dissolved.
-Cut the mango into pieces and put them in a bowl or a container of your preference.
-Add the yogurt, sugar and milk that has been previously heated.
-Bat everything very well until the texture is homogeneous and a foam has formed.
-Serve the mixture in glasses or cups and put it in the refrigerator for at least 3 hours
-To finish, decorate the dessert with small pieces of mango.

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