For those cravings on hot days try a delicious Blackberry Martini

Enjoy with your family a good refreshing cocktail with blackberries. Learn to do it with us.


-2 measures of vodka.
-1 measure of triple sec (you can use vermouth).
-Juice of 1 lemon.
-½ cup of fresh IQF Duero blackberries.
-Ice to taste.


-Defrost the blackberries
-Reserve some to decorate and leave the others for the next step.
-Mash the blackberries until they are made into a puree.
-In a cocktail shaker, mix the vodka, triple sec, blackberry puree, lemon juice and ice to taste.
-Shake vigorously.

-Strain it and serve it.
-Decorate with IQF blackberries.

The favorite drink for very hot days 🥰🥰

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