Cool off in the summer! strawberry mojito

Share this delicious mojito with your family and friends, giving a unique twist to this classic cocktail with a refreshing taste of citrus and mint, merging with the sweetness of


Strawberry ice cream ideal for afternoon cravings

Strawberries taste great with absolutely everything, they are the unquestionable queens of fruits, and there is no one who can resist that unique colour, texture and flavor.
And to enjoy


Easy peach smoothie, in a few minutes

The peach is a rich fruit, ideal for preparing juices or eating them alone, in addition to offering us different benefits that help prevent degenerative diseases, combat fluid retention, ideal


Banana ice cream with only two ingredients!

Do you think that making snow at home is difficult? Well, the truth is that no, if you don’t have a refrigerator at home, don’t worry, because that’s no longer


Easy and delicious mango carlotta

This weekend is the perfect excuse to prepare this delicious recipe: Mango Carlota.

It is a cold dessert that you can prepare in just a few minutes, the most difficult part


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