Brownies and raspberry the perfect combination

How about trying this delicious recipe? Chocolate brownie with red raspberry berries. You will love this version, easy to make, you will have an ideal recipe for a dessert or snack.


Blueberry cheesecake perfect for Christmas dinner

Are you sweet or salty team?
We know that Christmas is coming and what we want most is to agree as a family for Christmas dinner, many talk about what dishes to make but few pay attention to that sweet craving after dinner, and that is why we want to recommend this delicious blueberry cheesecake, which will be perfect for the occasion and the best thing is that it is without an oven. 🥳🥳

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Prepare your recipes for Christmas: delicious and crispy fritters.

The holidays are coming and you will surely be waiting for Christmas and New Year’s Eve dinner, but if you love sweets and do not want to leave them off the menu, the ideal option is to prepare some delicious and crunchy fritters for that special touch.


Dessert for your afternoons: strawberry cheesecake popsicles

The magic of savoring desserts is in making recipes with the ingredients that we like the most and taking them to another level.
This is the opportunity in which we will make a delicious recipe linking the famous strawberry cheesecake in a new presentation and very easy to make.

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Make this fluffy and delicious bread of the dead preparation.

We are days away from the special celebration, where we can remember our loved ones who have already left this life and celebrate with them in the most festive way, with colors, aromas, music, lights and of course food with a delicious flavor. And since in this celebration you cannot miss the bread of the dead, today I want to teach you how to make it, instead of buying it, let’s make this day more special by preparing it.


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